How Skeeball and PacMan are Helping Nextiva Partners WIN

- MeiLee Langley, Director of Channel Marketing, Nextiva

In six years, I’ve gone from a wide-eyed channel marketing program manager who didn’t even know what UCaaS stood for, to recently joining Nextiva as their channel marketing leader. My tenure in the industry is short compared to many veterans that have seen telephony shift from traditional on-premise systems into the cloud based communication solutions we see today. As I've watched this accelerating adoption and penetration of the $50B+ UCaaS market with fresh and curious eyes, I’ve witnessed a new breed of channel partner emerging.
One that wants to learn how to fish and be given the proper rod and tackle to do so.
A partner that doesn’t want a provider to simply do the work for them by creating and launching an email campaign on their behalf, but is interested in learning how to utilize marketing tools and programs to drive demand for their own company.
Today’s partners are eager to dive in deeper and learn the “why” behind effective marketing strategies and how to utilize the latest demand generation tools to effectively scale their businesses. I believe it is vital to build and provide demand generation tools as a key element of our partner program, in addition to teaching our partners how to effectively deploy them in a way that will positively impact their business.
It’s no longer about talking “at” partners about products and services.
At the Channel Partners show in Las Vegas last week, the Nextiva booth ditched the same old boring demo counters and collateral stands in favor of skeeball and basketball machines, trashcan-sized “beer pong”, and a 4-player PacMan game in order to provide partners an opportunity to have fun and unwind while sitting down with our team to discuss growth strategies and next steps.
In my six years attending the Channel Partners Expo, I have never heard more laughter and seen more smiles than I did at our booth this year.
Nextiva proved the value of working alongside partners to support their business needs - whether that be in marketing strategy, industry knowledge, sales tools, or skeeball skills.
We don’t want to sell partners on the same old “truly unified” technology story that all of our competitors are telling. Do we have a reliable, award winning business communication solution? Absolutely. However, we want to sell partners on so much more than our technology.
We want to sell partners on us – the people, the service, the industry and skills training, and the tools we’re creating in order for partners to grow their businesses, even above and beyond Nextiva.
We’re committed to teaching our partners how to adapt and grow in this time of digital transformation. We will have internal subject matter experts, such as our Digital Marketing Director or SEO specialist, teach partners tools, best practices, and strategies to use within their business. Yes, we hope partners utilize the tools and knowledge to sell Nextiva, however, ultimately, we simply want to empower them to drive business success as a whole.

Circle of Excellence 2019

Winning the Circle of Excellence award was truly unexpected. Most of the other honorees have double, if not triple, the years of experience that I have in the IT/telecom channel. So, to say that it meant a lot to be recognized alongside them is an understatement. 
I’ve been fortunate not only with the career opportunities that have been presented to me, but also with those who I’ve surrounded myself with - visionaries and leaders in the space that have taught me how to drive scalable change in what has been a very traditional/slow-to-adopt industry.
While an award is handed to an individual, it is representative of the team that person is lucky enough to work with and bounce ideas off of from week to week. I’m about two months into my career at Nextiva and couldn’t be more excited to have joined such a forward-thinking and “not afraid to be different and have fun” organization.
The saying is that those in telecom are here for life. So, while we’re here, let’s work together to take risks, learn new things, have some fun, and all make a lot of money in this exploding market.

- April, 29, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV - 
Earlier this month, 
Channel Partners inducted Nextiva’s Director of Channel Marketing, MeiLee Langley, into their Circle of Excellence alongside 15 other channel executives.

Since 2014, Channel Partners’ Circle of Excellence has inducted an elite group of 10-15 top channel executives chosen each year for their leadership, vision, and advocacy in the combined IT and telecom channel. Partners depend on visionaries, like those in this select group, to pioneer new and state-of-the-art products and services that will enable them to grow their businesses and help clients in their digital transformation journeys. Included in this year’s honorees, Nextiva’s Director of Channel Marketing, MeiLee Langley, was selected for her tireless drive, out-of-the-box thinking, and passion to drive growth and innovation in the channel. 
The 2019 Channel Partners Circle of Excellence winners were honored during an awards ceremony on April 11 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, and will be included on the Circle of Excellence Immersion Center on the Channel Partners website.